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Meritech is one of the leading companies for innovative and high-efficient feed additives worldwide. Established in 2006, Meritech poured its forus in research and development, as well as marketing their highly efficient, environmentally-friendly feed additives. Within China, the company has strong relations with many of the top 50 large companies in the feed industry.

Meritech produces high quality feed additives, such as: Phytogen (An oregano essence oil), DeToxinPro (A mycotoxin absorbant), Tech-Acid (An acidifier), Tech-Sweet (A sweetener), and several other products.

For the past 12 years, Meritech has been recognized as a pillar of the feed industry and obtained many awards. Some notable ones include: "National Innovation and HI-TECH Enterprises", "Top 5 products for growth promoter", "AAAAA Supplier for Feed Additives" etc. More than 10 patents have been granted through our R&D team's endeavor. The company is also ISO certified since its early stages, as well as holding important positions for various sectors within the entire feed industry. Our motto: "With mankind as the base and innovation as our drive, we provide what has not been provided, and excel in that which has". It conveys our mission of "Providing consumers with high quality and healthy protein foods" effectively.