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To be the leading company of green feed additives and early nutrition for animals

  • 2006

    Discussion and Agreement of settiing up the Joint-Venture Company in between Europe and China

  • 2007

    Meriden (Guangzhou) Biotech Co. Ltd. was set up by its two founders of Mr. Stephen Harris and Dr. Gene Jin. The company initiated to market the oregano essential oil products in China.

  • 2008

    The company succedded in sales and marketing promotion from zeor to millions;

  • 2009

    The R&D projects with European university (Aristotole)and research institute (The Netherlands) was set up to further develop and improve the product quality;


  • 2010

    Based on the MoU between the Eurepean and Chinese partners the production factory was built up in the American Industry Park (Guangzhou, China) to produce not only both of powder and liquid phytogenic products (Phytogen, oregano essential oil imported from Europe) but also the searies of feed additives such as Tech-Sweet (feed sweatners), deToxinPro (mycotoxin binders), and Tech-Acid (feed acidifiers) , etc.

    Based on the China law the production company was named
    “Meritech Bioengineering Co. Ltd.”

  • 2011

    About 20 feed and industry leaders from China were invited to have study tour to European famous counterparts such as For Farmers and Germany Co-op.

    The company got ISO9001 certified.

    Two patents granted for more efficient phytogenic feed additives

  • 2012

    The company was well-recognized and elected as the Deputy-Chairman for the China Feed Economy and Technology Committee. The joint-venture research project between Enropean and Chinese government was granted. Meritech is the only industry participant and the joint-research parts are the University of Aristotle and Middle-China Agricultural University.

  • 2013

    Golden Sponsorship for "11th World Conference of Animal Production (WCAP)". Excellence Award for Feed Additives by Shanghai Dingniu Group (leading milk company). Two patents granted for the phytogenci feed additive.

  • 2014

    Innovative and High-Tech Company Award by the Ministry of Technology of China. "AAAAA" Supplier Award for feed industry. Top Award for phytogenic products was obtained by votes through website organized by the China Association for Feed Industry. One patent was granted.

  • 2015

    Our Head Office moved to Guangzhou International Bio-Island; Meritech (Asia Pacific) Biotech was set up in Singapore; The joint-research project between Europe and China was completed and more than 10 research papers were published in the international-peer-reviewed journals to study the mode of action of Phytogen product; Star-brand Award for feed additives and No 1 brand for phytogenic products.

  • 2016

    Won the Top-10 Feed Innovation Award by China Economy and Technology Association Elected as Deputy-Chairman for the assocation of AGP-free feed and animal industry in Guangdong Province. One patent granted; "Meritech-Schorlarship" was set up for the graduates and undergraduates of Nanjing Agricultural University.

  • 2017

    Ten-Year Anninersary.